"You know, you’re beautiful" This guy standing outside of UCONN said to me. My Hackles are already up for two reasons

1.) Beautiful is an off thing to say to someone. Nice dress, Pretty eyes, cute smile, those are compliments. “You Know, you’re beautiful” Is personal. I’ve seen you cry, and you are beautiful.

2.) I was trying to jam a Buffalo Chicken wrap in my mouth.

"Thanks" I mumbled through a mouth full of sandwich

"No, You really are. You don’t need all that crap"

I wasn’t real subtle when I rolled my eyes. I also didnt stop eating.

"All of it really takes away from your inner beauty"

I scoffed and threw away the tin foil my delicious sandwich had been wrapped in.

"This isn’t Build-A Bear. I’m not here for you. Id rather eat bubble gum off a park bench than take your advice"

"I was just trying to give you a compliment"

"I think you where tying to lower my confidence so I’d give your basic cargo pant wearin ass a second look"

"You’re pretty full of yourself"

"And a chicken sandwhich"

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I got tagged in this Six Selfies that make you feel Beautiful thing.

I’m a big Narcissist, so I uploaded 10. 

I also got tagged on facebook, but it seemed a little redundant.

because all I do is post pictures of myself and my badass hair on facebook. What else would I have to say to those people?  

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I’m feeling pretty awesome today, on the eve of my 26th birthday.

25 was a good year. It made me tough.  On my 25th Birthday last year, I moved into my apartment. My first apartment with out a million room mates and furniture made out of mil crates. 

And since it was the first one that was all mine, I painted the walls mint green, and took home every stray dog I came across. 

I started dating again, even though I thought I never would. I went on a bunch of them, and stayed with none of them. I ran out the back door of bars when I didnt like the looks they gave me, and went home to drink alone.

I quit smoking and started again, and quit, and then started again, and then quit again.

I did not go back to him, because he wasnt it for me anymore. He had been gone to long, and I had finally come down off of him.

I went to the dentist for the first time since high school. I was always afraid they’d take my teeth (they wont, just go)

I made my dog and I the center of the the universe.

I even got to fall in love again. 

I started drawing again. I performed stand up, once, twice, a dozen times this year. 

Goodbye and thank-you 25, I needed you more than I knew

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For the record….

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