One more time, I-LOVE-NEW-STOCK-DAY,

When you get older, it just seems like all of the people you love get broken. Its been really terrible lately. But little things help. Picking up art magazines, getting your nails done for the first time since junior prom, or getting flowers for the people next door.

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Corset Shop Non-Sense: "What does this equate to in Real Sizes?"


Said the attractive women, giggling with her friends that think its a real riot going into a lingerie store.

(Hey, just some Lingerie Store etiquette. I work here, I care about this store. Please don’t say things like “Eww! Who would wear that?! Gross!” It makes me automatically not like you. In…

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New Bustier by Vabien!

I’m so excited for this. Vabien is a really fantastic bridal undergarments company, that recently started doing bustiers. 

Which is just kinda of like, duh? ya know?

If your going to make a bustier, Why not put an awesome bra in it?

Corset shop bustier CurveNYC curve show vabien

Meeting with Eveden, the best Bra company of all time!

I seriously love them. Their bras are fantastic. If you have a large chest, this brand will rock your world. If I had a choice, it would be the only bra line we had in the store. (the model in purple, is a 38F cup. look at her pretty bra! look at how well it supports her! and that racer back convertible detail?! oh eveden!)

Just today, I had fit a women who said she had NEVER had a bra that fits her. 

I put her in elomi by eveden, she turned out being a 42H! 

Now, because eveden rules, Her back doesn’t hurt, her clothes fit better, and she looks like Jessica rabbit now that her breasts are supported.

Bra bra fitting corset shop CurveNYC Eveden