Oh gypsy.

Oh guys, things are about to get really tough for gypsy in my home town.

If a the new city ordinate passes, gypsy won’t be able to go for a walk with out two leashs, one connected to her neck, and one connected to a muzzle.
Thinking about it makes me want to cry.

Tonight there was a town meeting to discuss the pitbull problem.
With in the last few months, pitbulls have gotten a really bad reputation. There have been a couplesof attacks. Pitbulls going after smaller dogs, their are some truly horrifying stories of elderly people walking their dogs and being unable to protect their animal.

It’s awful. I first hand have experienceed it. I have a breed if grey hound called a whippet. My little old lady, ally. Ally is almost 12. I’ve been chased, I’ve been bitten. It’s a horrible feeling to stand helpless as a huge dog attacks yours.

Not to long ago I wrote a very angry post when a pit attacked my dog and I a block from my home. But even that day, my anger was directed at the owner. I had watched the owner open their front door, and let the pit run out to pee. Pits are big high energy dogs. That first off, is completely unacceptable.

This pit saw my dog and I, and made a beeline towards us. Before I knew it my dog was down. I screamed. I screamed the entire time. I began smashing the did with the blunt end of my leash.

I was bit, on my legs. A car pulled over and ripped the dog off mine.

This has happened at least 20 times.

That day I pounded on the front door until someone came to the front door.

I screamed “this is why pitbulls have a bad name! Because they have shitty owners!”

And that’s the bottom line. Don’t make a whole breed suffer. Pitbulls have a strong jaw. My pitbull gypsy, the dog I’m cuddling, has chewed shoes, jackets, and my sink. She gets anxiouse and chews. I’m aware if this. I stock up on raw hides.

Gypsy is very well trained, and will stand right beside me if I take her outside. But if go further than my yard she wears a harness.

I live in an inner city. Unfortunatly dog fighting is a massive problem here. But I want to explain something. Pitbulls arent mean dogs. Fighting dogs are trained to be mean. Most are fed gun powder to give them brain damage.

Pits are simply picked for that strong jaw I was talking about earlier.

My pitbull gypsy wouldn’t hurt a soul. But she also has two owners that love her.

We don’t need a town meeting to talk about our pitbull problem, we need a meeting to discuss our shitty human problem.

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