Corset Shop Non-Sense

When I was in college I had to stop my inspiration books. They had grown into a monstrous obsession. Every photo had to be cataloged. I was constantly writing down what others where saying, and how they said it. I guess Im just going to transfer this compulsion to a digital format. My name is Mollie (My face)and I'm 23. I made a pretty unexpected career choice, and ended up working in Corset Shop. To check out my new corset obsession check out Corset Shop

Oh!!! I have been waiting for these! Ever since Mr. Alexander McQueen’s final collection I have lusted after them.

Ive been waiting for a shoe company to step up to the plate and knock off a pair. Because really, who wouldn’t kill for a wearable pair. If a company could make them under $200, they’d sell a billion!

Well, finally ellie shoes is doing a pair! And they are under $150!

Im going to be putting them on the site

check back with in the next couple of weeks!

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