imited edition 160 anniversary Singer sewing machine. They run about $600.

But hey Tumblr, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I have about 7 of the originals these machines are based off of. They range from 1920’s models, all the way up to 1950’s models. All black with white detailing. 

And I’m giving them away for free.

They all need some work. Their all missing feet, and pedals. I plan on restoring all of them

For those who don’t follow me, the machines were given to me when I bought an Industrial Sewing Machine off of a Hoarder my boyfriend and I were helping. He was loosing his home. We bought most of his VW bug stuff off of him, and helped him pack up to leave. He was loosing his home because he had hurt his back and could no longer work. He needed a lot of help.

Read the whole story here

Anyways, I bought an industrial off of him. When I went back to pick it up from him, he started handing me more machines. Pulling them out of everywhere. 

"Please don’t let them go in the garbage" he said when I said I didn’t need that many machines.

He was devastated, because he knew as soon as he left that house, the bank was going to pull up with dumpsters, and throw all of his things in the trash.

"Please don’t let them go in the garbage" tumblr, please.

he gave me 19 machines total. I’ve found homes for almost all of them, apart from about 3.

I’m well aware these aren’t puppies, but sewing machines. But Homes is what I want for them. I want them to be used, played with, and go to someone who will appreciate them.

This has been a tall order. Most of the people I speak to about the machines, want one because its an antique, It will look cool on my bookshelf, or I could sell it for a lot of money.

I don’t want them to go to people like this. I want them to go to people who need them. Who will use them. 

So Tumblr, here is what I want you to do.

Reblog this post. Get the word out. Reblog this post, and tell me what you would use my sewing machine to make. Also, I think it would be lovely if you made something for greg, the hoarder. So he as well knows his machines went to good homes.



Tell me what you want to make

And what you’ll make for Greg.

I believe in you tumblr

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